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Why Enduro

We make vacuum sealing easy

Whether you’re a solo home-based food business or a nationwide food manufacturer, we’re your go-to vacuum packaging partner. 

Quality vacuum consumables and packers

Our products are all reliable and durable. We know that you demand a vacuum packaging solution that helps keep your business operating each day as smoothly as possible. 

Less downtime and local support

The Enduro team understands just how critical it is to minimise downtime and have well-functioning machinery and consumables.  We pride ourselves on excellent pre and post-sales support as well as 2 year back to base warranty.


Speed to deliver and helping you get packing is a priority for us. We have easy distribution across New Zealand, with ex-stock from Tauranga. 

Why use vacuum packing?

Vacuum packaging is found across hundreds of different applications. It’s not only a commercial product but useful for home use as well including meal prep and bulk meat storage. Vacuum packaging removes air from the sealed package helping to extend the shelf life of food. It also helps to reduce the overall volume of the contents.

Food preservation

Enduro’s vacuum bags and sealing machines are commonly used for meat, poultry, seafood, dried foods, cheese, dairy, coffee and tea. But that’s only some of the foods that are perfect for vacuum sealing. If you need advice on whether vacuum packing is right for you or your business, get in touch.

Pre cooked meals

It’s not just raw ingredients that vacuum packaging suits. Our bags are often used to store and ship cooked meals, helping to retain their flavour and quality. Of course, you should always make sure you’re following food hygiene practices and regulations whenever packing or transporting food.

Non-perishable items are great for vacuum packing too

Vacuum sealing is popular within sectors like electronics (containing components to be compact and moisture-protected) and clothing or accessories. 

Better product presentation

Presentation of your product is huge. It can mean the difference between someone online or in store choosing your product or not. Enduro’s vacuum packaging sealing machines and consumables are both designed to produce a clean, professional looking finished product for sale. 

Reordering is easy

Once you’re set up with your vacuum sealer machine, reordering the consumable aspect is simple online. Or, if you’ve got an account manager you can simply work with them to ensure a regular supply of your vacuum bags.

Features of our vacuum bags

High Barrier Properties

The combination of PA and PE provides a superior barrier against oxygen, moisture, and other external factors that could compromise product quality.

Excellent Sealing Performance

The PE layer ensures a strong and reliable seal to maintain the vacuum environment.

Good Mechanical Strength

PA/PE vacuum bags exhibit high mechanical strength to withstand handling and transportation.

High Clarity

These bags generally have high clarity, allowing for easy product visibility and identification.

Flexible and Lightweight

PA/PE combination vacuum bags are flexible and lightweight, which makes them convenient for packaging a wide range of products.

Chemical Resistance

Resistance to oils, fats, and acids, making them suitable for food and non-food applications alike.

Temperature Resistance

Capable of withstanding a range of temperatures, suitable for both refrigerated and room temperature storage.

Extended Shelf Life

The vacuum environment significantly extends the shelf life of perishable goods.

Enhanced Product Freshness

Maintains the freshness and quality of the contents by preventing oxidation and moisture ingress.


Provides a cost-effective solution for prolonging product shelf life without the need for additives or preservatives.

Versatile Usage

Suitable for a broad spectrum of products, including food, medical, and industrial applications.

Improved Product Presentation

High clarity allows for an attractive product presentation and aids in brand recognition.

Food Industry

Ideal for packaging meat, cheese, fish, nuts, dried fruits, and other perishable food items.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Utilised for packaging medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare products requiring a controlled environment.

Electronics Industry

Useful in packaging electronic components that require protection from moisture and oxygen.

Industrial Packaging

Suitable for packaging various industrial products that require a high barrier and strong seal.


The high clarity and excellent sealing properties make PA/PE vacuum bags attractive for retail packaging, allowing customers to clearly see the product while ensuring it remains fresh.