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Why Enduro

Why Choose CPET Trays

Enduro CPET trays are made from a specific form of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) that has been crystallized to provide additional performance benefits.

These trays are designed to safely withstand both freezing, and heating (oven/ microwave).

A versatile choice for various food applications. Enduro CPET trays are the ideal choice for food manufacturers and processors looking for a versatile, high-performance packaging solution

Temperature Versatility:

Safe for use in a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to 204°C, making them ideal for freezer-to-oven or freezer-to-microwave applications.

Microwave and Oven Safe:

Can be placed directly into the oven or microwave without warping, melting, or releasing harmful chemicals.

Strength & Rigidity:

Good mechanical strength and rigidity ensures trays maintain their shape under varying conditions.

Gas Barrier:

Designed to be gas-barrier, which can extend the shelf-life of food by reducing oxygen permeability.


Designed to seal effectively, ensuring product freshness and preventing contamination.


Manufactured from PET one of the most commonly recycled plastics.


Cook or heat food directly in the packaging, reducing the need to transfer food to another container.

Reduce Food Waste:

Extend shelf life with sealing and barrier properties..

Cost Effective:

Low cost, light weight, easy t transport

Food Safe:

Do not warp or release harmful chemicals under high temperatures, they offer a safe option for reheating food.

Aesthetic Appeal:

With the ability to be moulded into various shapes and designs, these trays can enhance the presentation and aesthetic appeal of the food product.

Design Flexibility:

Enduro CPET trays can be manufactured into a wide variety of bespoke designs and shapes, catering to different food products and presentation needs.

A favourite of the culinary industry

Enduro CPET trays play a pivotal role in diverse culinary contexts. Catering services, food manufacturers, and prepared meal producers choose these trays for their oven-to-table convenience. The healthcare sector, encompassing hospitals and care homes, particularly values these trays for their reliable reheating properties, ensuring both convenience and consistent warmth in meal delivery.