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From table top stand-alone options to fully-automated, integrated factory grade machines, Enduro have your packaging needs covered.

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Why Enduro

Why good packaging machines and sealers make a difference

If you sell a physical, packaged product, then everything that happens up until the sale can count. As experts in the packaging space, we know what goes into this process. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person band or a large nationwide manufacturer, packaging done right means efficiency, presentation and a better customer experience. When your packaging solution isn’t right, it can slow everything down, costing money in the process.

Benchtop or inline?

Enduro offers choices for any scale of operation. We have professional grade machines designed for any production line. Our benchtop machines are the choice of thousands of businesses thanks to their compact size, ease of use and durability. For food manufacturers with inline machinery, Enduro has world-class solutions ready to integrate. We find many of our large manufacturers choose a combination of inline and benchtop, offering complete coverage and continuity.

What makes a good packaging machine?

Like anything, sealers aren’t all made equal. Machines should have a design that’s user-friendly, allowing for repeated operation over a typical work day. A high quality product will have parts that are durable and resistant to a food manufacturing or preparation environment. It should also deliver high quality seals on your tray or vacuum bag each and every time.

Warranty and service

Enduro provides warranties on packaging machines as well as support and service. We’re able to replace parts in many instances, too. With us, you can enjoy peace of mind with your packaging.

Types of sealing

Our machines cover vacuum sealing, tray-based packaging and sous-vide baths. As we provide high quality, cost-effective consumables as well as the sealing solution, Enduro has extensively tested the quality, speed and compatibility of these two elements of your production line.