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Why Enduro

The complete tray package

If you’re looking for an end-to-end packaging solution for your business or home, Enduro’s tray sealers and consumables are the perfect fit. Our trays and tray sealers are designed to be easy to prepare, accommodate any typically tray packaged food, and last the distance. 

Where our tray sealers are used

There’s many places where you’ll find Enduro’s tray sealers. From takeaway options at cafes to school meal preparation to ready to eat retail, Enduro’s machines deliver a world-class finished product. And we have options to suit large-scale food manufacturing processes or small benchtop solutions for the home business. Our benchtop manual options deliver incredible quality, making them the choice for large businesses too, even alongside their inline sealer. 

Choosing the right tray sealing solution

Across our website you’ll find a number of tray sealing options along with our range tray consumables. We provide some suggested compatibility, but make sure to check the dimensions of the tray and the sealer’s rated size compatibility. If you’re unsure, you can complete a quote using our tool and our team will come back to you ASAP to discuss your options. 

Getting set up with your tray sealer

Make sure to read the instruction manual that comes with your Enduro tray sealer. Depending on the model, there will be certain steps to follow to have the machine ready for use, and prepared for your specific tray size. We recommend allowing enough time to test and learn your tray sealer before relying on it for production.

Presenting your tray packaged product

Packaging is part of your overall brand experience for customers. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your quality, attention to detail and care. Enduro’s tray sealers help achieve precise tray packaged products each and every time.