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Enduro has all your tray packaging consumables, sealing machines and lidding film needs covered.

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Why Enduro

Your tray packaging partner

Enduro are experts in providing high quality tray packaging solutions for NZ businesses. We understand that you and your customers demand tray solutions that aren’t just reliable in use, but easy to seal, look good and are kinder on the environment. 

Versatile and planet-conscious

Packaging made from recyclable or compostable materials, Enduro’s trays are perfect for many applications including cafes, restaurants, hotels, meal prep, takeaways, events and food retail just to name a few. 

Biodegradable options

Enduro’s packaging solutions include the bagasse trays, made from the pulp of sugar cane. This makes them biodegradable and home compostable. Available in a range of configurations to suit different needs, you’ll find a packaging option that suits your business, including a great clamshell lid option. We also offer fibre-based cutlery.

Freezing and heating ready

If your requirements include freezing and microwave heating, you might consider our CPET trays, made from crystallised polyethylene terephthalate. Also available in single section or multi-section moulds, our recyclable CPET trays pair well with our high quality lidding film.  

Foil trays for the oven or BBQ

For food that requires great heat conductivity for oven baking, our foil trays are an excellent option. Made from 100% recyclable aluminium, Enduro’s foil trays are safe for both oven heating and freezer storage. 

Lids and film for neat, clean packaging

When it comes to sealing your tray packaging, Enduro has you covered with high clarity lidding film and foil sheets. Our lidding film comes in a range of widths and options like self venting perforation. 

Seal your tray with high quality machines

And to put it all together Enduro is your go-to for packaging machines. Our range includes benchtop manual tray sealing machines and inline solutions. Our machines are reliable and quick to get your product packaged and ready to go.