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Why Enduro

About our foil trays


These trays are ready to use, reducing the need for additional cooking and serving pots and pans.


Single-use foil trays can minimise contamination risks, making them a popular choice in healthcare and food service sectors.


They can be more affordable than other packaging options, especially when bought in bulk.

Reduces Clean-up TimeĀ 

Particularly in catering or home events, using foil trays can significantly reduce the time spent cleaning up.


Suitable for grilling, baking, roasting, and freezing, they meet various culinary requirements.

Eco-friendly option

With proper recycling, using aluminium trays can be environmentally friendly due to reduced energy consumption in recycling processes.


Due to the Enduro foil tray design, they can be sealed with a lidding film or foil sheet to maintain freshness.