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Why Enduro

New Zealand's Sous-vide Partner

As experts in sealing, Enduro makes sense as your go-to for sous-vide requirements. Our sous-vide machines offer commercial-grade cooking, perfect for restaurants and other hospitality applications.

World class sous-vide technology

As with all Enduro machines, we don't compromise on quality. Our professional sous-vide cooking solutions help you prepare tantalising and delicious fare for your customers.

A popular method for cooking

Sous-vide cookers are a modern way to cook that's simple and gives great results every time. They cook food slowly in a vacuum, keeping all the food's natural taste, smell, and goodness. This method not only makes food taste better but also lets you cook ahead of time without losing any quality or taste.


If you're looking for a solution that you can rely on to deliver a great finished product to customers, our machines have you covered. With warranty and post sales support, Enduro sous-vide machines are up to the task for the long haul.

Excellent temperature control

Consistency is key with sous-vide. Your Enduro choices all maintain even temperatures for cooking, minimising variance which can compromise on quality.

Quick to temperature

Time is money in the kitchen. Your Enduro machine is quick to prepare for cooking, allowing you and your team to get great food out faster.

Modern, clean aesthetic

Look good, feel good. We think that any appliance or tool used each day shouldn't just be highly capable, but also be approachable and fun to use. Enduro's sous-vide are at home in any modern kitchen and they're easy to keep clean.